Saturday, March 31, 2007

Media Bias in All Its Splendor

On Wednesday night, thanks to my friend Fred Lucas of Cybercast News Service, I attended the Media Research Center's 20th Anniversary Gala. The event is known for its DisHonors awards, presented in absentia to those who've made the most appalling comments on national TV in the past year.

My favorite: an interview of Ted Turner by Wolf Blitzer. Here's the relevant exchange (presumably, Turner had recently returned from North Korea). You can also watch the clip, courtesy of vlogger Mary Katharine Ham, below.

Wolf: But this is one of the most despotic regimes, and Kim Jong Ill is one of the worst men on earth. Isn't that a fair assessment?

Turner: Well, I didn't get to meet him, but in the pictures that I've seen of him on CNN, he didn't look too much different from most other people I've met.

Wolf: But look at the way he's treating his own people.

Turner: Hey, listen, I saw a lot of people over there, they were thin, and they were riding bicycles instead of driving in cars, but—

Wolf: A lot of those people are starving.

Turner: I didn't see any brutalities.

On another note, was it or me, or were parts of the Osama bin Laden video inappropriate? I'm not referring to the profanity, but to some of the snider remarks.