Friday, March 9, 2007

Scooter and Sandy

Those skeptical about the bias of Big Media probably haven't read Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby. Jacoby has an exquisite radar for discerning the imbalance with which the press cover certain sensationalist stories.

My first encounter with these juxtapositions was "A Tale of Two Stories about Anti-Semitism," wherein Jacoby contrasts the little-noticed incident of a Muslim gunman's premeditated assault on a prominent Jewish institution with Mel Gibson's now-infamous drunken tirade—both of which occurred on the same day.

More recently, Jacoby pitted the firestorm about faggot-gate against the pass given to Bill Mahrer for seconding those who applauded the attempted assassination of Vice President Cheney.

My suggestion for Jacoby's next column: the deluge over the Scooter Libby trial vs. the trickle over the Sandy Berger affair. The former came down to the old saw that the cover-up is worse than the (alleged) crime, whereas the latter amounted to "one of the most brazen violations of classified material in our lifetimes."