Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Daily Dose

Instead of endlessly debating your antagonists, why not share a byline with them once in a while?

Battered by Watergate in 1973, President Nixon was losing his epic power struggle with Henry Kissinger. Then the Middle East exploded. In an excerpt from his new book, using freshly opened archives, historian Robert Dallek describes how the secretary of state took control.

Dr. William Hurwitz prescribed large quantities of OxyContin and other pills while ignoring “red flags” that his patients were misusing and reselling the drugs. D.E.A. administrator Karen Tandy praised his resulting 25-year sentence by calling the doctor "no different from a cocaine or heroin dealer." But since the judge told the jury it didn’t matter if Hurwitz had acted in "good faith," an appeals court ordered a retrial. John Tierney reports, from his TimesSelect blog.

What is the world's largest private company and how did it get that way? The company is Koch Industries, and the strategy is called market-based management.