Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Daily Dose

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards and Barack Obama all oppose school choice—except for their own kids. Clint Bolick, president of the Alliance for School Choice, details the hypocrisy. (Possible sound bite: Why is choice good for women but bad for children?)

You've heard of podcasting. You probably even have some favorites. Why not, then, start your own? Michael Quinn Sullivan, founder of the weekly Texas PolicyCast from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, explains the basics.

Is Mike Huckabee a real conservative? Jeremy Lott (my old boss at Cato) goes through the governor's book and finds some interesting evidence to the contrary.

Those who say the GOP would never nominate for president a pro-choicer—or an abortion flip-flopper—forget that both Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush were pro-choice—the latter at least until Reagan chose him as his running mate.