Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Earmarks Exposed

A press release (not yet online) from the OMB says the agency just updated its earmark database, which now contains 13,496 earmarks totaling more than $19 billion for FY2005:

When the earmarks database was first launched on March 12, 2007, it provided aggregate data on the number and cost of earmarks for FY2005 appropriations, and was able to show this information by agency, office and account. Today's update includes details on individual earmarks, the ability to view earmarks by state and a downloadable file so that the public can sort information in ways they [sic] find useful. However, the database is not designed, and cannot accurately be used, to identify the individual sponsors of congressional earmarks.[1] Additionally, the recipient of an earmark identified in the database may not in all cases represent the ultimate beneficiary of the earmark.[2]

Check out the database here.

[1] [2] Sounds like a job for bloggers.