Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The First Web Site I Check Each Day

If you're familiar with RealClearPolitics, which every morning and afternoon aggregates the political articles you need to know for that night's DC cocktail party, then you know how helpful the site is. You might have also seen RCP's poll coverage, which is as comprehensive as it is indispensable.

What you might not know (as I didn't until recently), is that the site also houses a blog. Similar to the Opinionator by Chris Suellentrop, in that it tends to reprint news rather than analyze it (also, both are now owned by the MSM: the NYT and Time, respectively), the RCP blog is aesthetic, succinct and well-written.

If you haven't RSSed it yet (nifty verb, huh?), then check it out.

Semantic footnote: http://ww.realclearpolitics.com goes by the title "RealClearPolitics," but http://time-blog.com/real_clear_politics/ is spelled "Real Clear Politics."